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Intelligent wall switch VS. ordinary switch

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With the development of science and technology, there are more and more kinds of switches. Intelligent wall switches have been very popular in recent years. Many people are very strange to intelligent touch sensor dimmer switch. Today we introduce some knowledge about smart wall switches, so that we can understand the difference between intelligent wall switches and ordinary switches.


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Function description of intelligent wall switch:


The intelligent wall switch has the touch function, only needs to touch gently, we can easily control the light to turn on and off, and when the hand approaches the soft touch momentary switch, the panel background light immediately changes from the slight light to the high brightness, clearly indicates the key position. Intelligent wall switch has sound effect prompt, the user can touch the button to issue "beep" prompt sound, can set or cancel the prompt sound function by dialing toughened glass switch. And has the night light function, can be used as the night light at night, can set or cancel the background light function by dialing the code switch. There is also a full-off function, in the wiring, each switch box position reserved a wire, through this wire to install the full-off switch and other touch modular switches of the corresponding interface position, you can achieve the full-off function, when you go out, touch the switch to close all indoor lamps. Also has the creative function, as long as the user according to the product size may design the product pattern to carry on the DIY by oneself.



Comparison of intelligent wall switches with ordinary switches:


Safety and service life: ordinary switch panel is not waterproof, wet hand can not be operated, intelligent finger touch light switch panel is integrated design, waterproof, anti-leakage, prevent the elderly or children wet hand operation, high safety level. Common switch has mechanical function, easy to appear mechanical fault, short service life. Intelligent acrylic wall switch using touch type open and close, no mechanical function key, long service life.


D90Rro (grey) 3gang 2 way

Convenience: the ordinary switch does not have the remote control function, greatly reduces the convenience degree, the intelligent hidden touch switch has the touch remote control function, does not need to run back and forth when turning on the lamp, as long as you gently presses the remote control. The ordinary switch makes a clicking sound when it is turned on and off, and the intelligent switch prompt can turn the sound on and off by dialing the code switch, and give you a quiet home. Smart touch light control switch panel using crystal toughened glass panel, never aging, different patterns, beautiful and generous.


Function: ordinary switch needs to cloth a large number of fire lines and zero lines, both time-consuming and expensive, intelligent switch has the function of no wiring, can save you a lot of wiring, costs and time, let your new home completed faster and on schedule. Intelligent touch sensor on off switch has night light function, when you enter a dark room, it is easier to find the position of the switch, but also can be used as night lights, ordinary switches do not have, it’s incomparable. When the hand touches the switch, there is a dripping sound.


By comparison, we should know that smart touch tile light switches have obvious advantages in terms of product function and quality. The security of smart wall switches is relatively high and can be used for a long time. The function is also very powerful, now the intelligent wall switch appearance is also very exquisite, so it is a good product.

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