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Is It Necessary to Install the Splash Box?

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The waterproof box is built on the basis of the socket. You can first put the waterproof box on the wall switches and sockets and fix it on the bottom box.


The practical splash box includes a protective cover, a functional block and a functional block fixing seat. The utility model is characterized in that the protective cover plate is a flip-type cover plate, the function block fixing seat is a hollow body, the hollow body is provided with a limiting block, and the function block is installed in the hollow body.


One side of the functional block fixing seat is provided with a blind hole and two shaft seats, and the shaft seat is provided with a through hole. One side of the protective cover is provided with a positioning guide groove and two shaft holes, and the functional block fixing seat is connected through a core shaft. A spring is installed on the mandrel, and the spring is embedded in the positioning guide groove of the cover plate. Both ends are respectively clamped on the blind hole of the functional block fixing seat and the protective cover plate. The hollow body of the functional block fixing seat is in a square shape, and there is a limit block at the four corners and the bottom on both sides. Functional blocks are divided into functional bodies and inlays. The function block is fixed in the limit block of the function block fixing seat by screws.


The splash-proof box has the advantages of fine miniature, elegant fashion, waterproof, dustproof and chemical resistance, a variety of templates, and free replacement.


Necessity to Install a Splash Box


Not all splash boxes need to be installed, depending on the location. Sockets in toilets generally require plastic splash-proof boxes or transparent splash-proof boxes. Generally speaking, showers, wash basins, etc. must be installed. In the bedroom, the living room generally does not need to be installed. Sometimes in order to be waterproof, many people prefer waterproof floor sockets, waterproof electrical floor sockets and waterproof switch sockets when purchasing sockets.


Because the humidity in the bathroom is relatively high, you can often see a lot of water drops on the wall or even water flowing down. Also, the tiled walls of the bathroom should be cleaned and cleaned frequently with water. The waterproof box is definitely not waterproof, and the common waterproof double socket is sometimes not waterproof at all. Careful people often find that the waterproof box and the power switch socket inside are all water drops.


Cleaning and Maintenance of Splash Box


To clean the splash box, the panel needs to be cleaned. Just use a towel dampened with drinking water to wring out and wipe the panel. The splash box should be checked regularly during use. We check the effect of opening and closing more frequently and discover the change of its sealing in time to ensure its safe and reliable use. 


When purchasing genuine products for hydropower transformation, be sure to look for certified high-quality splash-proof box brands and choose high-temperature resistant and flame-retardant insulation materials.

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