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Is the Track Socket Safe and How to Install It?

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What is a track socket? Is the rail socket safe? How to install the track socket? Sometimes, some traditional sockets are not suitable. The rise of the trajectory socket has completed the incomparable functions of the old socket, such as the sensitive dragging of the socket and the handling of the problem of short electrical power cords. If the socket is not good or the socket is not suitable, you can add an adapter at will. The track is integrated with the wall or the home, which shows the high-end temperament.


The track socket actually adds a track to the socket. The socket can slide on the track at will, which is very convenient to use.


Before the renovation, the track power socket must be booked. In this way, it will reduce the slotting and wiring everywhere in the home, and directly reduce the cost of skirting.


Before that, let's first understand that the more commonly used sockets in life are outdoor trailing socket, vertical tower socket, floor outlet with USB, and portable extension socket. Compared with traditional sockets, the advantages of track sockets are as follows.


Advantages of Track Socket


The rail type socket only needs to install the socket module on the track. And the length of the track socket can be customized according to needs.


The track socket can adjust the position of the socket at will, we no longer have to worry about the power cord being not long enough. Ordinary sockets can only choose to use single socket extension lead or double socket extension lead to help solve this problem.


The track socket can be adapted to various different types of sockets, such as outdoor twin socket, spur plug socket and copper double socket.


The load-carrying capacity of the track socket is equivalent to that of the traditional socket. And the rail-type socket has a specially prepared USB interface.


The high-value mobile track socket is an ideal choice for new house decoration. It is suitable for installation in the living room TV background wall, bedroom, study room, kitchen, balcony.




How to Install the Track Socket?


Just press the connector of the rail type socket into the rail. This kind of guide rail is live, so we should pay attention not to install the LN backwards. The specific steps are as follows:


1. Place the product on the guide rail;


2. Install the spring end buckle into the edge of the track first;


3. Pull the product to the right so that the other end of the mounting buckle is flush with the guide rail;


4. After the other end of the installation buckle is flush with the rail, press down the socket and install it on the rail.


Track sockets are generally installed in the middle of the skirting line and the waist line. Rail sockets can also be installed in corners and desktops. High-energy products such as rail-mounted sockets far exceed the old-fashioned sockets. Today, when the times are constantly evolving and changing, if you want to renovate your home, you might as well try the orbital socket.

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