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The difference between control box and distribution box

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There are many final equipments in the power distribution system. Common ones are power distribution box, control box and power distribution cabinet. All three can be used to complete power control, but they also have many differences. The function, scope of application and volume of the control box and the distribution box are quite different. The biggest difference between the distribution box and the distribution cabinet is that the size is different. The distribution box is relatively small and the structure is relatively simple. Get up and take a look.



The difference between control box and distribution box


Different functions

1. The distribution box is a small power distribution box, which contains a power switch and a safety device. The structure is relatively simple, and is mostly used for terminal power distribution. The distribution box is the terminal power distribution facility in the power supply system. A distribution box can be a power supply line and multiple power supply output circuits. The power supply output circuit is led from the distribution box to each electrical load.


Due to the size of the electrical distribution box, it is small and cannot be put into large-scale power distribution equipment, so the capacity of the distribution box is not large. Generally, a distribution box is used for 4-8 small loads. The distribution box is arranged in the center of the power supply load. Send electricity to the load.



2. The control box is used inside and outside various buildings for power, lighting power distribution and motor control. It is suitable for indoor wall-mounted and outdoor floor-mounted power distribution equipment. Mainly used for fire pump control, submersible pump control, fire fan control, fan control, lighting power distribution control, etc. The control methods include direct start control, star delta step-down start control, self-coupling step-down start control, and inverter start control soft-start control and other control methods.



Different scope of application

1. The cable distribution box can be divided into sub-power distribution cabinets, lighting distribution cabinets, metering cabinets, etc. It has a high safety protection level and can intuitively display the conduction state of the circuit. The distribution box is widely used in various buildings, squares, stations, industrial and mining enterprises and other places.


2. The control box is suitable for opening factories and mines, enterprises, shopping malls, hotels, schools, airports, ports, hospitals, high-rise buildings, living quarters and other occasions. It can be used in low-voltage power grid system with AC 50HZ and rated working voltage of AC 380V, as power, lighting distribution and motor control, suitable for indoor wall-mounted and outdoor floor-mounted power distribution equipment.



Different size

In addition to the different functions and application ranges of the control box and the power distro box, the external appearance dimensions of the switch box and the distribution box are also different. Generally, the distribution box is small in size and can be hung on the wall or installed in the wall. The control box can only be installed in substations and power distribution rooms due to its large size.

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