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What Are the Advantages of Track Sockets?

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Some friends may encounter such a situation: it is clear that enough sockets have been installed during the decoration, but when they are really used, they will find that the status of sockets seems not so suitable. Today it is the age of electrical appliances, and sockets are an indispensable thing in the home. Traditional sockets have many inconveniences in terms of design, such as fixed locations and limited length of electrical wires. In fact, traditional sockets are no longer popular, and more and more families prefer to install this kind of track power socket. Commonly used sockets at home mainly include metal clad socket outlet, multi plug socket with switch and floor switch socket. What are the advantages and disadvantages of track sockets? Is the track socket easy to use?


The track socket is actually a track added to the socket. The socket can slide on the track at will and use it wherever it goes. It is very convenient to use.



Nowadays, mobile track socket is entering thousands of households. Regardless of whether it is an embedded or wall-mounted rail socket, power is drawn directly from the rail.


The embedded track socket is a flexible plug-in adapter, and the track is integrated with the wall. This kind of socket allows more people to enjoy the fun of a removable socket.


The wall-mounted rail socket is simple and convenient to install, and its high-power carrying capacity has been recognized by many home users.


Advantages of Track Socket


1. Flexible configuration


Installing traditional copper plug sockets or polished chrome sockets needs to be pre-embedded during decoration, and the quantity cannot be changed once the quantity is confirmed. Later, it was found that the number of sockets was not enough, which can only be solved by patch panels, which is ugly and troublesome. With the power track socket, you only need to install the socket module on the track, without using a patch panel. In addition, the length of the track socket can be customized according to the needs, which is also a very intimate design.


2. The socket on the track can be moved


The problem we often encounter is that the unreasonable location of the socket design leads to the embarrassment that the length of the electrical cord is not enough. With rail type socket, the position of the socket can be adjusted at will, and there is no need to worry about the power cord being not long enough.



3. Practical, convenient and safer


The track socket can be adapted to various different types of sockets, such as power outlet with switch, metal clad socket outlet and remote power outlet. Just insert the socket into the track and rotate it 90° clockwise. When the LED light is on, it is energized and ready for use. When not in use, twist it counterclockwise to power off the socket and turn off the LED light.


4. The carrying capacity is equivalent to traditional sockets


Regardless of the small track socket, its load-bearing capacity has not been reduced at all. Moreover, the rail socket has a specially prepared USB interface, so it will not be unable to charge without a suitable charger head. If you encounter a situation where the inclination of the charger head is different, just add this type of jack on the moving track.


5. High appearance


Installing track sockets in the home solves the electricity problem of multiple appliances. The high-value rail sockets are suitable for installation on the TV background wall in the living room, bedroom, study room, kitchen, balcony.


The above is the decoration knowledge of the advantages of the track socket.

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