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What Are the Misunderstanding of Using Ground plug?

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Sockets are everywhere in our lives. In addition to wall sockets and power strips, floor plug outlets are more common in ordinary homes and public offices.


The installation process of floor sockets is similar to wall switches and sockets. It is mainly divided into three parts, including the installation of the bottom box (including the positioning of the bottom box, determining the installation depth, and fixing the bottom box), wire connection and installation of the box cover. Since floor electrical sockets are installed on the ground, they are mostly installed in concealed installation.


Is the Floor Socket Easy to Use?


At any time and at any place, sockets are installed to facilitate charging when people use electrical or electronic products.



In terms of installation, the installation of the ground socket is relatively simple. You only need to install the bottom box, and the installation of other wire boxes and box covers is very easy to operate. However, during installation, it is more convenient to choose concealed installation, which is conducive to inserting in future use. The installation depth can be determined directly according to the height of the socket, and the socket should be installed under the floor with only the socket and box cover exposed. Concealed floor socket is more common in the living room at home.


In terms of use, the sockets of some electrical appliances at home are not suitable for plugging directly into wall sockets or power strips. The installation position of the ground plug depends on the special electrical appliances, which is very convenient to use. For example, install a waterproof floor socket under the dining table or in the corner of the dining room, so that the family can eat hot pot together.


In terms of space, installing the socket on the floor is inconspicuous and occupies a small space. The wires are all embedded in the wall or under the floor, which is also conducive to improving the overall appearance of the room.


All in all, the use of floor mounted socket outlet is more convenient. In addition, the occupied space is also very small, which will not affect the overall appearance of the house.



Misunderstandings of the Use of Ground Plug


1. The position is too low. When installing the ground plug, many families feel that the height of the ground plug is not good for the beauty, and they will install the ground plug in a lower concealed position. In this way, it is easy for water to splash into the ground plug when mopping the ground, which may cause a leakage accident. According to industry regulations, the floor mounted power outlet should not be less than 1.8 meters from the ground, and the hidden floor socket should not be less than 0.3 meters from the ground.


2. Install at will. The power wire must use a copper wire cross-section. A survey has shown that the incidence of electrical fires in residential buildings using aluminum wires is dozens of times that of copper wires. A leakage protection device must also be installed on the ground.


3. Lack of protection. It is best to install an eco splash box or plastic baffle on the electrical grund outlet faceplate. When some decoration companies install three-hole sockets, they often leave the ground wire empty, and even connect the ground wire directly to the gas pipe. The ground wire is connected to the electrical shell. Once the electrical leakage occurs, it will cause electric shock.


In short, the safety of sockets is closely related to our personal safety and property safety.

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