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What Are the Misunderstandings in the Use of Sockets?

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Sockets are classified into civil sockets, industrial sockets, waterproof double sockets, electrical sockets and switches, computer sockets, telephone sockets, video and audio sockets, mobile sockets, floor outlets with USB and smart sockets and switches according to their uses.


There are so many types of sockets, and the installation and use methods of each socket are not exactly the same. What are the misunderstandings of socket use worth noting?


With the popularity of household appliances, the number of multifunctional electrical outlets at home has gradually increased. But if installed improperly, it will become an invisible bomb buried in the wall.

A41 铝板加电镀圈


Too Low Position


When installing a universal switch socket, many families think that it is too high and unsightly, and they will install the socket in a lower concealed position. However, it is easy for water to splash into the socket when mopping the ground, which may cause leakage accidents. According to industry regulations, the distance between the exposed socket and the ground should not be less than 1.8 meters, and the distance between the concealed socket and the ground should not be less than 0.3 meters. The sockets of the kitchen and bathroom should be at least 1.5 meters above the ground, and the sockets of the air conditioner must be at least 2 meters above the ground.


Floor power socket is also a kind of socket with a wide range of uses. Ground sockets are widely used in large public places such as airports, restaurants, shopping malls, etc. This kind of concealed floor socket is gradually being applied to the design of whole-house home system.


Install at Will


The power wire must use a copper wire cross-section. If you live in an old house, you must replace the original aluminum wire with copper wire. Because the aluminum wire is easily oxidized, the joints are easy to catch fire. A survey has shown that the incidence of electrical fires in residential buildings using aluminum wires is dozens of times that of copper wires. It matches with copper plug sockets. In addition, for the sake of beauty, many families will use slotted buried wires and buried pipes. When wiring, they must follow the principle of "live wire into the switch and neutral wire into the lamp holder", and a leakage protection device should be installed on the socket.


Lack of Protection


There are often water and oily smoke in the kitchen and bathroom, so it is best to install a splash water box or plastic baffle on the socket panel.


In addition, when some decoration companies install three-hole sockets, they often leave the ground wire empty, and even connect the ground wire directly to the gas pipe.


C90 europe socket 拷贝

Share a Set of Sockets


This practice will overload the electrical appliances and cause a fire. It is best to use independent sockets or smart switch sockets for high-power appliances such as air conditioners, washing machines, and range hoods. Generally speaking, it is best to install 4 sets of sockets in the bedroom, one set per 2.5 square meters in the living room and one set per 1.2 square meters in the kitchen.


Less Loops


The old house has only one circuit. Once any circuit is short-circuited, the electricity consumption of the entire room will be paralyzed. Generally speaking, two or three circuits can be selected for the socket, one circuit for the kitchen and bathroom, and one circuit for the air conditioner.


Understanding the above-mentioned misunderstandings will help us reduce the potential safety hazards of using electricity at home.

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