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What Are the Points to Note When Installing a Ground Socket?

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Nowadays, for the convenience of daily use, practical ground sockets are installed during decoration. Floor plug outlets are relatively unfamiliar to many owners. Many people also have some small problems in use, which will bring inconvenience to life. In this article, we mainly understand how to open the ground socket and the points of attention to the installation of the ground socket.


How to Turn on the Ground Socket?


1. Open type ground socket box is a kind of power line connector matched with ground wiring. It has its own adjustment mechanism. This mechanism is mainly composed of a spherical ring and a lifting sleeve that cooperate with the junction box, and the middle of these two components is a threaded structure. A self-locking structure is installed between the socket fixing sleeve and the guide sleeve of the floor socket covers, which can be opened with one click.



2. The multi-function floor socket box is a base cover fixed on the base, the socket mounting plate with multiple sockets is fixed in the base cover, the upper cover seat cover and gasket are placed, and the height adjustment screw is used to fix it. Place the base cover and adjust the height of the upper cover from the base. The cover seat coupling spring connects the upper cover and the upper cover seat cover, and the upper cover and the upper cover seat cover can be closed and opened in cooperation. There are lead openings on the edge of the upper cover to insert lead terminals. A pressure ring member is fixed on the corresponding edge, and a pressure ring buckle is arranged on the pressure ring member. Pull the buckle to open it.


3. The ground socket bottom box consists of two parts, an upper seat and a lower seat. The upper seat is inserted on the lower seat, and the protective cover is placed on the upper seat. It can be applied to various ground sockets, such as floor switch socket, copper floor socket and stainless steel floor socket. If used on cement floors, the cement can be poured directly to the overall height. Just pull the switch when opening.


Points to Note for Ground Socket Installation


1. Installation of embedded ground sockets. This installation method is suitable for occasions where concrete is cast on the foundation floor. You must first determine the installation position of the steel bottom box, connect the steel bottom box with a metal pipe, and cast concrete around it to fix it. Generally, the upper end surface of the steel bottom box should be kept at a depth of 3-5mm below the ground plane ±0.00, and then the concrete should be cast around it to fix it.


2. Installation of floor type ground sockets. Floor-type floor sockets are suitable for occasions where the foundation floor is an overhead anti-static floor. A square hole should be made on the anti-static floor board where the ground socket is installed. The size of the hole should be 5mm larger than the actual size of the steel bottom box. The upper end surface of the steel bottom box should be 3-5mm lower than the floor surface. For different thicknesses, the installation depth can be adjusted by adding or subtracting gaskets between the installation angle on the steel bottom box and the bottom surface of the anti-static floor block. Such sockets mainly include recessed floor power outlet, waterproof floor socket and floor outlet with USB.



3. Precautions for installing ground sockets. The protective grounding wire measures of the socket connection and the position of the connecting wire of the phase wire and the neutral wire must comply with the relevant regulations of the construction acceptance code. The leakage switch used by the socket should be sensitive and reliable. The inspection methods mainly include observation inspection and inspection of installation records. The inside of the box should be clean, free of debris, clean and non-deformed, and the cover should be close to the surface of the building. The place where the wire enters the appliance is well insulated and does not damage the core. The ground wire of the socket is laid separately.


There are also several types of ground sockets, each of which has different structures, features, and methods of use. How to turn on the ground socket? First, we must figure out what type of ground socket. Since the ground socket is located on the ground, there are more cases of seeing water and getting wet. Therefore, we should pay more attention to the points of attention when installing ground sockets.

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