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What Are the Pros and Cons of Kitchen Rail Sockets?

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The special sockets in the kitchen mainly include oven switch socket, rice cooker socket, cooker isolation socket and light switches and sockets. Sockets should be installed in the kitchen for range hoods, refrigerators, rice cookers, etc., and spare sockets should be reserved. At the same time, you have to consider whether the cabinet countertop corresponds to the location of those appliances.


With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, more and more household appliances are used, so more and more sockets are needed. For the sake of safety, many people choose to use track power socket, so what are the pros and cons of the kitchen track socket?


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Advantages of Kitchen Rail Sockets


1. Track socket means to install all the sockets on the track, and then install the track on the wall or in the furniture. The socket can move on the track at will, it is a kind of smart switch socket. The track length of the track socket can be customized, and a row of sockets can be set according to the space and the needs of the owner, thus solving many shortcomings of the traditional socket.


2. The track socket is composed of the socket body and the moving track. There is no need to slot and bury wires in the wall, just install the electric track with socket on the required wall. The number of sockets and the direction and length of the track can also be changed at will.


3. If a mobile track socket is installed in the kitchen, it can prevent children from getting electric shock. Because the track socket can carry eight kilowatts of power appliances, and it has a leak-proof and waterproof design. There are three copper rails outside the track, the ground wire is connected to the top, and the front wire is at both ends.


4. The life span of kitchen rail sockets is generally relatively long, and the average life span can generally reach 30 years. Because most of the material of the track socket is aluminum alloy, there are insulation materials inside and a sealing strip on the outside, so dust is generally not easy to enter the track.


5. The kitchen rail socket is much stronger than the traditional five-hole socket. And the kitchen rail socket is made of high-quality PC flame-retardant material, so it is relatively high temperature resistant. The socket can be equipped with a skirting line, which is particularly high-end.



Disadvantages of Kitchen Rail Sockets


1. If the socket is fixed in one position for a long time, the sealing strip in the middle of the track socket will be deformed, and it will be difficult to recover in a short time.


2. The kitchen is an area where you often cook, so it will produce a lot of oily smoke. Dirt is easy to be trapped in the gap of the strip socket track, so the track will be very difficult to clean.


3. Socket is an accessory that must be used during the use of electrical products. The starting power of various electrical appliances is different, but the power of the track socket is the same. Therefore, when using electrical appliances, the rear draw track socket is likely to cause poor contact.


The above is a detailed introduction about the pros and cons of the kitchen rail socket. In short, although the socket can move on the track at will, the length of the track can be customized, but the track socket is prone to poor contact and the track is difficult to clean.

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