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What Are the Socket Selection Techniques?

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Socket is a necessary project in our daily life. Whether you are at home or at office, sockets are common. But if you want to buy some sockets for your new home, do you really know how to buy goof sockets? There are some techniques which may help you.



According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 1500 enterprises in the production of switch socket products. The quality of each products vary greatly. And because many ordinary consumers do not have the methods to identify the quality of products, coupled with limited knowledge of switch socket brand , they will buy some fake light switch socket. However, many large enterprises pay attention to their products quality and they have a higher requirement on the wall socket switch. So it is better for you to choose some reliable brand or large brand when choosing the sockets like Walton.

C32 2g switch and 2 pin socket 拷贝


When you are selecting home sockets, you should also check the appearance. Switch style, color should be consistent with the overall style of the Interior.For example, the overall tone of indoor decoration is light color, you should not choose black, brown and other dark switch. And the packing of qualified socket has complete information about the manufacturer and the products. Some of the unqualified socket are simply packaged and lack most basic manufacturer and product information. Besides, you should pay attention to whether there are some defects such as deformation, scratches, shrinkage.



The weight of socket is an important point. If the merchant chooses the thin copper stamping piece, the socket will be light. Good sockets will choose thick brass stamping socket parts. Copper parts are the key part of switch socket and the key part of identifying fake and inferior products.



Different types of switches and sockets should be used in different places. Safety socket should be used in residence. There are always water and lampblack in the kitchen or toilet, it is necessary to install a splash box or plastic baffle to prevent the short circuit cause by oil, water vapor.


Some children will touch the socket hole with their finger or with metal objects out of curiosity. Thus parents are advised to use a safety home socket with a safety catch.



In addition, during the installation of three-port socket, you should not ignore the the ground line. And it is banned to connect the ground line directly to the gas pipeline. When the ground wire connects with the electrical objects, if the electrical leakage, it can lead to electric shock.


Special socket

If you want to buy some outdoor sockets, you must check its product qualification and see whether it is durable.


In summary, these selecting skills are useful for you. When you go to select sockets for our home, you must consider from these points. In fact, Walton is a professional socket manufacturer who has always focused on switch and socket. If you dont learn some large brands, then Walton is a good choice for you. It has all kinds of sockets with high quality which we can choose. If you have interests, you can look through the Walton website. 

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