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What Are the Types of Switch Socket Bottom Boxes?

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When decorating houses or shops, many friends often buy products with poor sales or even poor quality because of a lack of understanding of wall switches and sockets. The following will give you some suggestions for the installation of the switch socket bottom box during decoration.


There are many areas to install sockets in the home, such as the hallway, living room, bedroom, bathroom and so on. The sockets used in these areas mainly include wall switches and sockets, remote control electric sockets and waterproof switch sockets. These sockets need matching power switch box or switch socket bottom box.



Several Switch Socket Bottom Boxes


The advantage of the 118 engineering switch socket bottom box is that it can be combined freely, and you can choose several according to your actual needs. This not only saves the cost of the bottom box, but also facilitates construction. However, the internal space of the 118 bottom box is relatively small, and the wiring is longer and more troublesome. Its so-called multifunctional industrial plug top is easy to loosen.


Switch sockets are divided into 86 type, 120 type, 118 type, 146 type, 75 type and so on according to the panel type. The 86 type is a common universal switch socket. Its appearance is square, with dimensions of 86mm*86mm, and the center distance of the mounting holes is 60.3mm.


The 86 engineering switch socket bottom box is the five-hole socket bottom box we see most in our lives. It is a national standard product and an international product. The 86 bottom box has a large internal space, relatively easy wiring, and it has a large wall contact area. Once it is solidified with mortar, it will not loosen. When multiple triple socket back boxes are to be installed side by side, connectors can be used to ensure the same height and bottom. After the bottom box is installed in the wall, even if you use an electric shovel to make the wiring holes, the bottom box is not damaged. Therefore, it is recommended that you use the 86 bottom box when decorating your house, because it is relatively more stable and reliable, and most importantly, it meets national standards.



The general 86 type bottom box is equipped with various panels, including switches, black electrical sockets, network, TV, telephone, etc. The size of the 77 bottom box is 77*77, which is a 86 model cassette.


Most consumers pay attention to price, material and color when purchasing 86 concealed switch bottom box. So how do we judge whether the 86 concealed switch bottom box is practical and durable? The high-quality PVC switch box has accurate dimensions including screw spacing, standard size 6-point pipe, 4-point pipe connection hole, etc. The lugs are designed to have a certain space to move up and down. Even if the 86 concealed switch bottom box is installed slightly inclined, the switch can be smoothly and smoothly fixed on the wall. When the bottom boxes are buckled together, the levels between the bottom boxes are consistent, and they fit tightly and seamlessly.

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