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What Are the Types of Switch Sockets?

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When it comes to the layout of the switch plug socket, everyone has only heard that it is necessary to leave as many sockets as possible, so as to save the lack of sockets and tow the line boards everywhere, but we don't know where to leave more. In this article, we will talk about the types of switch sockets.


Types of Switch Sockets


1. Positive and oblique five-hole sockets


Everyone knows that the three-wire plugs are relatively large, and they fill up the entire panel when plugged in, and the two-hole plugs are useless at all. In fact, this design is also to avoid plugging in two high-power appliances at the same time.


The oblique five-hole socket can plug a three-wire and a two-wire plug at the same time to increase the utilization rate of the socket. If you don't like oblique five-hole sockets, then you should choose oblique five-hole sockets in hidden or low places.



2. Socket with switch


The common ones are the three-hole switch socket and the five-hole switch socket. The advantage of using universal switch socket is that it reduces frequent plugging and unplugging of electrical appliances and also saves electricity.


For example, electric rice cookers, microwave ovens, electric stew pots, electric ovens and other appliances used in our kitchens often do not have independent power switches. As long as they are plugged in, they will start standby. This is a very bad practice. When you are in the kitchen, your hands are usually wet. It is very dangerous to plug in and unplug the appliance. If you use a waterproof switch socket, just press the switch lightly after cooking, which is convenient and safe.


There are also mobile phone chargers and other places that are not plugged all the year round. Electrical sockets and switches can be used. In addition to the kitchen, the washing machine and dryer on the balcony should also be switched off so that the power can be cut off at any time.


High-power electrical appliances such as on-hook air conditioners and water heaters are not recommended to use with switches together. Long-term use will cause the copper in the switch to overheat, which will easily lead to poor contact and cannot be reset. If the cabinet air conditioner needs a separate leakage protection, a single switch socket or power switch socket is required.


C82 5 pin MF switched socket

3. USB socket


This is a multifunctional socket. In addition to meeting the common plug needs, a USB interface is added to facilitate charging of electronic devices such as mobile phones and save the trouble of using a converter.


Except for the headboard and the backrest of the sofa, it is enough to install one each. These two places are the most frequently charged positions. Don't buy more, good quality socket panels with USB are more expensive. Some public places also configure floor sockets with USB.


4. Seven-hole socket


Both the toilet and the bedside are suitable for this socket. A seven-hole socket is used to charge two mobile phones at the same time.


5. Ground plug


If the house is big enough and you need to pull two power strips from the wall to connect to the dining table, then you must install a floor double socket. The usual small house should be ignored. The ground plug itself has many gaps, which can easily become a sanitary corner. The applicable floor sockets in the home are mainly concealed floor socket and waterproof floor socket.

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