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What Is the Difference between 16A Socket And 10A Socket?

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In our daily life, electrical appliances are used very frequently. Moreover, more and more electrical appliances have relatively high power, so how should we choose sockets when decorating the house. This article mainly describes the difference between 16A and 10A sockets.


The common and frequently used sockets in our lives mainly include copper plug sockets, metal clad socket outlets, remote control wall sockets and floor mount sockets, etc.


According to the current volume, household sockets mainly include 5 amp floor sockets, 10A and 16A sockets.


The Difference between 10A and 16A Sockets


Regarding the 250V/16A socket, as the name suggests, it is suitable for appliances with a maximum rated current of 16A, and the maximum rated power is 3500W.


There is also a 250V/10A socket for appliances with a maximum rated current of 10A, and a maximum rated power of 2200W.


In our daily life, these household appliances such as washing machines, electric water heaters, microwave ovens, tub washing machines, etc. all need to use 16A sockets. These home appliances have special sockets, such as cooker switch socket, rice cooker socket and oven switch socket, etc.


The more common computers, televisions and refrigerators in the home can use 6A sockets. The PC controlled power outlet uses a 6A socket.


There is not much difference between the 6A socket and the 10A socket in appearance and function. So under normal circumstances, we will install more 10A sockets at home.


We can easily distinguish these two sockets from the appearance. Usually there are two jacks, one is a two-eye jack and the other is a three-eye jack. And from the perspective of the width of the socket, the socket socket of 16A is wider. In fact, if we distinguish these two sockets from the appearance, it is still very easy to distinguish.


In addition, the use of these two sockets is also very different. Although these two sockets have three-eye sockets, in actual use, these two sockets cannot be shared. That is to say, the electrical appliances that can be used with 16a sockets cannot be used with 10A sockets. So when we use electrical appliances in our daily lives, we must pay attention to distinction. If used improperly, it may cause serious consequences such as fire.


The other is that the power that these two sockets can withstand is different, and the power that the 16a socket can withstand is relatively larger. The maximum power for a 16A socket is 3,500 watts, while a 10A socket can only be used for appliances with a maximum power of 22 million.


So where do you need to reserve 16A sockets in your home? Electrical appliances that use 16A sockets generally have higher power. We can keep one or two in the kitchen, and install a high-power socket like this in the bathroom. It is best to keep one in the living room as well for our daily use. Track power socket can also be used in the kitchen.


The above is about the difference between these two different socket functions. Many people chose the wrong one because they didn't know much about it. Therefore, it is best to arrange a high-power socket next to some high-power electrical appliances, so that it will be more convenient to use.


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