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What Is the Metal Manufacturing Process and Its Application?

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Metal is a substance with luster (that is, strong reflection of visible light), rich in ductility, and easy to conduct electricity and heat conduction. The above characteristics of metals are all related to the free electrons contained in metal crystals. From household appliances and lamps to desk tools, wall switches and sockets, construction power distribution boxes, brass electrical switch parts, chairs and utensils, metal plays an important role in the home and work environment. Metal manufacturing is the process of transforming raw metal into prefabricated shapes for assembly.


What Is the Metal Fabrication Process?


The general process flow of metal structural parts is as follows:


Re-inspection of raw materials, steel leveling (straightening), scribing and lofting, blanking (flame cutting, punching and cutting), forming (bending, stamping, folding), assembly, welding, inspection, painting (removing rust, painting ) and packaging and storage (or transfer to the next process).


However, every metal manufacturing process can be used to cut, drill, fold and weld strong materials.


Cutting. Cutting is the most commonly used metal manufacturing process. The metal sheet is divided into two halves, three equal parts or smaller. Cutting is carried out on a range of machines, from lasers and plasma torches to finer high-tech mechanical parts. For example, some wall socket brass parts are subject to preliminary cutting.


Folding. Folding is one of the most complex processes in metal manufacturing, that is, manipulating the metal surface to form an angle. In many cases where folding is required, the more practical option is to connect two metal panels at a selected angle. For example, the brass batten holder uses the folding process.


Welding. Welding is a manufacturing process and technology for joining metals or other thermoplastic materials such as plastics by heating, high temperature or high pressure. The welding process involves the connection of two separate metal parts. The parts used in welding applications can be plates, panels, strips or shapes. For example, copper socket spot welding parts are applied to the welding process.


Processing. This step mainly uses a machine to remove parts from a piece of metal. Usually this process is performed on a lathe.


Punching. Punching refers to punching various patterns on steel plates, leather, cloth, wood boards and other materials to meet different needs. When a hole is formed in a piece of metal, the process involved involves punching, placing the metal under a mold and punching the hole with a drill.


Shearing. For metal plates that need to be cut for a long time, this process is called shearing.


Stamping. Punching is not the only metal manufacturing process that uses molds. Stamping is a forming processing method that relies on presses and dies to apply external force to plates, strips, pipes and profiles to cause plastic deformation or separation, so as to obtain workpieces (stamping parts) of desired shape and size. The stamped blanks are mainly hot-rolled and cold-rolled steel plates and strips.


Items Made from Metal Fabrication Processes


Many daily necessities are manufactured using metal manufacturing processes, such as blinds, cans, door handles, ceramic heat emitter holders, door locks, latches, silverware, fans, hinges, lamps, copper plug sockets, etc.


The metal clad socket to which the lamp is connected or the devices inside the metal clad single socket are all or partly made of cut, folded and cast metal.

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