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What Is the Purchase List of New House Decoration Materials?

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Decoration materials can be roughly divided into auxiliary materials, basic building materials, hardware, lamps, household appliances, furniture, and soft fabrics. In the hard-installation stage, we mainly focus on building materials, hardware, lamps, and home appliances.


Decoration Form


1. Clear decoration. The owner purchases all the decoration materials by himself, including bricks, sand, cement and other auxiliary materials


2. Half decoration. The engineering team provides auxiliary materials for decoration, and the owner is only responsible for purchasing the main materials, such as tiles, floors, and hardware.


3. All inclusive decoration. The decoration company provides all decoration materials and auxiliary materials, and the owner only buys furniture and appliances. This is the least troublesome but relatively more expensive form of decoration.



Material Purchase Category and List


Basic Building Materials


Flooring: composite floor / solid wood floor / solid wood composite floor. Solid wood flooring has a good foot feel and a higher price, but the hardness is relatively small, easy to bump, and difficult to maintain. Laminate flooring has high hardness and low price. Several practical floor mounted switch socket outlets and floor mounted power sockets can be laid on this floor.


Stone: natural marble/artificial stone/quartz stone. The natural marble pattern is beautiful and high-quality. Quartz stone is widely used, and good quartz stone is good for cabinet countertops or bathroom countertops. If you choose quartz stone as the material of the bathroom countertop, you should reserve place for setting waterproof switch sockets or wall socket switches with splash box.


Ceramic tiles: polished tiles, matte tiles, glazed tiles, printed tiles, non-slip tiles, special acid-proof tiles, etc. It is recommended not to buy frosted floor tiles in the bathroom and kitchen, because this type of floor tiles can easily hide dirt and cannot be wiped clean.


Decoration Materials in Different Areas


1. Entry hall


Building materials mainly include floor tiles, stone, wallpaper, porch cabinets and coat hooks.


Lamps and lanterns mainly include main lights, spotlights and light strips.


Other items are mainly doorbells, alarms, video intercoms, cat eyes, passwords & fingerprint locks.


Furniture categories mainly include shoe benches and entry mats.


The most important thing at the entrance is to install the necessary light switches and sockets and double switched wall sockets.


2. Living room and bedroom


Building materials include floor tiles/floors, wallpaper, paint, skirting, paint, doors, etc.


It is recommended to customize the wardrobe, cloakroom, and bookcase as a whole.


Lamps and lanterns mainly include main lamp, lamp belt, spot lamp, floor lamp, bedside wall lamp, eye protection lamp, etc. Bedside wall lamps are generally combined with single switched wall socket.


The hardware includes curtain slides, door locks, door stoppers, switches, sockets, network sockets, and TV sockets. Electrical sockets and switches can be bought together. Try to choose a big brand with guaranteed quality.


2g - 副本

Electrical appliances include TVs, air conditioners, sweeping robots, stereos, and air purifiers. If the TV cabinet is placed in the living room, then we should reserve a place for multi plug socket with switch behind the TV wall in the living room. Then we installed a concealed floor socket on the floor of the living room.


3. Kitchen and dining room


Building materials include floor tiles, wall tiles, and cabinets.


Lamps and lanterns include main lights, spotlights, and light strips.


Electrical appliances include gas water heaters, dishwashers, disinfection cabinets, steamers, ovens, etc.


The hardware includes sinks, faucets, hinges, switches, sockets, angle valves, etc.


4. Toilet


Building materials mainly include floor tiles, wall tiles, mirror cabinets and shower rooms. It is recommended to customize the cabinet as a whole.

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