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What Should be Paid Attention to in House Decoration?

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House decoration is time-consuming and energy-consuming. We must pay attention to the precautions for decoration, because a little carelessness will cause a lot of follow-up troubles. Be sure to take all precautions into consideration when decorating, so that you can have no worries.



Five Key Points of House Decoration

(1) Program Customization

If the owner is not very familiar with decoration, it is best to find a local decoration company to carry out design planning. If you think the price is a little expensive, you can also find a designer to help you, and then find a construction team, so the cost will be much lower.



(2) Decoration Design

The grade of decoration depends on whether the materials are high-end. If it is high-end decoration, with high-grade building materials and the dull design, there is no expected effect. Some unique design ideas can be adopted, with some high-end materials for decoration, so that the cost will not be too high, and the decorative effect will be high-end.


(3) Waterproof Construction

After the hydropower transformation and before the mason construction, waterproof treatment is required. During construction, special attention needs to be paid. The waterproof coating should be applied evenly and the thickness of the waterproof layer should be consistent. The waterproof height also has clear requirements. For example, the height of the shower area is generally 180 cm, and the height of the wall is about 30 cm.


(4) Kitchen Planning

The actual area of the kitchen should not be too large, otherwise it will easily cause waste of space utilization. The most suitable area is 10 square meters. In addition, it is necessary to ensure that the space has sufficient lighting and ventilation effects. If there is enough space, you can eat directly in the kitchen, which improves the space utilization. If the kitchen area is not large, you need to add more storage functions when designing.


(5) Demolition Construction

Regardless of the room type, during the decoration, the wall structure cannot be dismantled and rectified at will, especially the load-bearing wall, which can easily cause damage to the house under the force. These need to be repeatedly confirmed with the designer.



Steps of House Decoration

1. Concealed Works

(1) The running line inside the wall should be designed well. Not only will it be related to the cost of the concealed project, but it can also reduce the number of boards in the later home life, which will help improve the cleanliness of the home.


(2) When decorating a new house, pay attention to reserve a network port in each room.


(3) You can plan the preset positions of home electrical products in advance, because the socket design is troublesome. And if you have trouble in setting many sockets, high-tech sockets are good options, such as copper double socket, three-way lamp socket, silver double socket and twin switched socket outlet.


(4) All faucets are equipped with hot- and cold-water pipes.


2. Furniture Purchase

(1) It is recommended to go to the physical store to buy.


(2) Pay attention to the size of the door when buying furniture.


(3) The solid wood floor feels good on foot but needs maintenance, and the composite floor is easy to clean.


(4) You can't buy a lamp with a ceiling. It is a laborious job to clean it.


(5) It is not practical to install the light strip. Smart touch light with double touch dimmer switch or soft touch momentary switch is also an excellent choice.


A30 光面喷漆金色加电镀圈

3. Kitchen

(1) Although the Chinese-style oil fume is not as good-looking as the European style, it is more powerful and more practical.


(2) The kitchen is very hot and stuffy at work, so you can consider installing an air conditioner in the kitchen.


(3) The floor color of the kitchen is better darker, so that it is more resistant to dirt.


(4) It is better to have thick wooden boards under the artificial stone of the cabinet, which is better for cutting vegetables.


4. Bathroom

(1) Install an electric hot water faucet to make it more convenient for you to use hot water, especially for cleaning dishes.


(2) A socket can be reserved on the side of the toilet, but it must be ensured that this place will not be wetted by water. One reason is to facilitate the installation of electric bathroom products in the future; the other is to charge the mobile phone when entering the toilet. Best touch switches like hidden touch switch and bathroom touch switch are good choices.


(3) It is recommended to replace the glass partition in the shower room with a curtain.



We will choose to decorate our new house as soon as possible. It is recommended that you must understand clearly in advance. Don't ignore these precautions, otherwise it will have a serious impact.

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