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What are the tips for home decoration?

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From a brick to every detail in the house, we need to seriously consider. So when the house is built, we have to consider how to decorate it to make the house more comfortable and beautiful. Even small electrical sockets and switches are part of the house decoration.



Importance of color matching:


Different colors convey different emotions and personalities. In home decoration design, different styles and effects can be matched by using different matching methods according to the characteristics of different colors. For example, brightly colored universal switch socket are very suitable for modern style houses to add bright elements. Therefore, it is necessary to know some techniques of color matching to create a comfortable living space. Here are some common color combinations:



Red -- white, black, blue gray, rice;

Coffee -- beige, goose yellow, brick red, blue green, black;

Yellow -- purple, blue, white, coffee, black;

Green -- white, rice, black, dark purple, gray brown;

Blue -- white, pink, red sauce, gold, silver, olive green, orange, yellow.


Less is more:


The primary and intermediate color matching mostly adopts refreshing color matching, plus some warm color series such as red and pink to neutralize the color matching,; The combination of multiple colors, which is used in a large area with one main color, can avoid the messy feeling caused by the mixture of multiple colors, like we often use white smart motion sensor light switch to match the white wall.


Advanced color matching can choose bold contrasting colors, which brings people a clear, energetic and colorful visual impact. You can also choose high-grade gray and neutral color with low saturation, even single switch socket of the same color, this method create a calm and pure sense of high-grade with minimalist tones. "Less is more" is the highest rule of design.



Some misunderstandings of home collocation:


Home collocation is a time to test our aesthetics and innovation. And it’s a project that reflects our individuality, but while pursuing individuality, we should also pay attention to some forbidden areas of home collocation.


1.The style should be unified; Home decorations must pay attention to unity in style, and should not be selected in this place and in that place, which is not a series, feels messy and ugly, and the whole house should try to choose easy home remote controlled wall sockets of the same color.


2.Color should be harmonious; Home decorations usually play the role of ornament, so the colors of ornaments must match the colors of the whole space. Including wall color, furniture color, international switch socket color and so on.



Some home decoration styles:

1.Simple and fashionable Nordic style


Nordic style, also known as Scandinavian style, refers to the artistic design style of northern European countries. Many people think that Nordic style is black, white and gray, but it is not. The most important thing about it is its simple shape and strong solid color tone, even the double switched wall socket should be coordinated. Therefore, Nordic home decoration has always been bold and bright in color. If you want to have some personality, you can choose a more detached color, or do some work on accessories: murals and green plants are indispensable for Nordic style. Of course, you can also work hard on the outdoor twin socket.


2.Chinese style with lasting appeal


Chinese home style is very popular in recent years, which is just like the precipitation of our Chinese 5000-year culture: there are not only the essence of home concept in ancient times , but also modern popular elements to enrich it, and now there are various metal clad socket outlet suitable for Chinese style on the market. Chinese style generally chooses marble, crystal or wood as the main material. Elegant wood, combined with green plants and flowers, can easily highlight the simple and elegant atmosphere. Of course, you can choose brown or wood-patterned power outlet with switch.

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