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What is the basic knowledge of switch panel?

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Many people in the decoration, due to the lack of basic knowledge of the light switch socket, the decoration company or the master opened a list, the owners actually do not know them at all. In order to better participate in the acceptance and prevent being cheated, it is necessary to learn some basic knowledge. What is the basic knowledge of switch panel?


Bottom box

It is also called cassette, which is embedded and fixed in the wall to lay a good foundation for later switch plug socket installation. Now there are mainly 86, 118 and 120 bottom box sizes.

C50-047 1g swith and 2 g 2 pin

Blank panel

It is used to seal the line checking box reserved on the wall, or the abandoned wall hole, such as the intelligent toilet cover switch socket reserved by the toilet, the water purifier reserved at the bottom of the cabinet, and the small kitchen treasure.

Surface mounted switch

There is no need for slotting to install the bottom box, which is fixed on the wall. The thickness is thicker than the installation point. The main problem is that it is difficult to hide the exposed line decoration.


Single control switch


A single control switch is a switch to control a lamp.


Double control switch


The double control light switch can control the same lamp by two switches at different positions. It is widely used in the corridor, stairs, room entrance and bedside.


Bipolar switch


Bipolar switch is also known as double pole light switch, which is characterized by cutting off the live line and zero line at the same time. Also known as 2p switch, as Yuba and other high-power electrical appliances dedicated switch.


Four hole socket (10a)


Four hole socket, also known as 4 gang electrical outlet, is suitable for TV wall, bedside, sofa edge and other low-power electrical appliances, such as desk lamp, fan, charger, TV equipment, etc.


Floor switch socket


Floor switch socket is a five hole socket installed on the ground, suitable for long-term need of electricity but far away from the wall, such as tea table, dining table, desk.



Touch smart switch

Touch smart switch can be set in the porch, bedside, balcony and other areas according to the actual situation.


The above is all about the basic knowledge of switch panel. Of course, there are many kinds of switch socket brands in the market, and the quality is uneven. It is not easy to select a brand with high quality and safety. No matter what brand of switch socket is good, the focus is still on the product, and choose switch socket products


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