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What is the classification of smart switches?

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Intelligent products have gradually entered people's vision, touch smart switches also get people's attention with its multi-function and convenient installation characteristics, compared with mechanical wall switch, it has many features: safe use and beautiful style. Many young people will use intelligent switch as their own decoration choice. There are many kinds of hic touch on switch according to the function, key position, material and other standards. let's understand what intelligent switch is.



What are the types of intelligent switches:


There are many kinds of intelligent switches, according to different classification methods, touch wall light switches can be divided into the following types:


A11 磨砂蓝色


1. by function


It is divided into dimming switch, scene switch, binding switch, intelligent air switch and so on. Among them, the scene switch is a multi-device one-click control switch; the binding screen touch switch is mainly to realize a touch button corresponding to one or more load switches and repeatedly touch the button switch state; the intelligent air switch, also known as the intelligent air circuit breaker, is similar to the intelligent master switch.



2. by key position


It can be divided into one key intelligent switch, two key intelligent touch activated switch and three key intelligent switch, which can control one, two and three circuits respectively.



3. by material


The panel material can be divided into plastic switch, glass switch and metal switch. In detail, there are plastic push button light switches with different plastics (such as acrylic, PC and acrylic PC), metal switches with different metals (mostly aluminum alloy) and so on.



4. by interaction


The interaction here is the control of the local end, which can be divided into keystroke intelligent switch and touch intelligent double pole light switch.



5. by standard


Mainly according to national standards, such as China has national standards, Europe has European standards, Australia has Australian standards, the United States has American standards, Britain has British standards, and so on, these standard systems are different.

D90Rro (grey) 3gang 2 way


6. by line


It mainly refers to the standard distinction of the dark box line, and the electric line of the dark box is divided into single fire and zero fire, which directly leads to the intelligent waterproof light switch being divided into single fire line intelligent switch, zero fire line intelligent switch and single zero fire adaptive lamp control intelligent switch.



All switches have similar general principles. You can choose the switch with your favorite function. Generally speaking, the single-pole switch is the most popular one. When you turn on the switch, the light will light up. Similar to the traditional switch, the lever switch is almost flush with the wall. When someone pushes the top of the switch, it will open the fixture. There is a button on the button switch, which will turn on the lamps when pressed for the first time, and turn off the lamps when pressed again. Some switches have built-in neon lights, which will light up when the switches are turned off, so that people can easily find the position of the smart wall light switches in the dark. Dimmer switches use a dial to control the brightness, and when the dial keeps pushing down, they will turn off the lamps. Sliding up the switch will increase the intensity of light, and sliding down all the time will reduce the intensity of light until the light is turned off. The dimmer switch can be used as a substitute for almost any kind of switch.

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