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What to Pay Attention to When Decorating a New House?

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It is complicated to decorate our new house. Maybe everyone is clear about some key renovation projects. However, the owners are often dissatisfied with the new houses in the later period. Actually, they overlooked some details. What should we pay attention to when decorating a new house? This problem may confuse many novice owners who want to create a comfortable, beautiful and practical home, so we must work hard on the details of the decoration.



Leave a Seam When Measuring the Size of the Door.

Usually we choose to install two doors, anti-theft and entrance doors. However, it is easy to cause insufficient seams between the floor and the door during decoration, making it impossible to put a thicker floor mat at the door. Therefore, measure the size in advance.




Choose a Practical Shoe Cabinet.

Under normal circumstances, we pay attention to aesthetics when choosing a shoe cabinet, but practicality is actually more important. Therefore, when choosing a shoe cabinet, pay attention to leaving space at the bottom so that you can place the shoes you usually wear while saving space.



Reserve a Certain Number of Sockets.

When decorating your home, you must reserve more sockets. Because there are too many electrical appliances in the house now, if there are not enough sockets left, there will be too many power strips in the room. It is neither beautiful nor convenient, and most importantly, there are hidden safety hazards. There are many kinds of sockets which differ from materials and functions, such as brushed chrome plug sockets, weatherproof sockets, black electrical sockets and brushed aluminum sockets. You should choose sockets according to your requirement. For example, if you prefer convenience, easy home remote controlled wall socket is a good choice.



Kitchen and Bathroom Should be Waterproof.

Because the kitchen and bathroom are functional areas with a lot of domestic water, when decorating a new house, the waterproof function should be done well.



Drain and Deodorize

If the floor drain is not enough for drainage and no deodorization treatment is done, the slope of the ground must be considered


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Install Large Socket

Big sockets must be installed in the kitchen and dining room, as well as on the balcony. Because the kitchen will use high-power electrical equipment. So, the installation of rice cooker socket, cooker isolation switch and cooker switch socket is necessary.



Installation of Cold Water and Hot Water Pipes

When installing cold water pipes and hot water pipes, pay attention to the installation rules of cold-water pipes at the bottom and hot-water pipes at the top.



There are other notes we should pay attention to. For example, we should consider whether to install central air conditioning and floor heating.

We have to decide whether to install according to the local climate. Renovating the house is indeed a hassle. Safety and comfort are all factors we have to consider. Switches and sockets are the indispensable things in decoration. Should we buy smart sockets and switches or decorative sockets? We should choose carefully according to our actual demand.


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