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Where is a suitable place for plugs and sockets in the kitchen?

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When planning a kitchen layout, it is very important to set the required functions correctly. Although it may seem strange to have excessive sockets and switches in a room, few multi plug with switch can cause problems. There is nothing worse than just plugging in two devices on the workbench and having only one socket. If you plan to make a home renovation or redecorate the kitchen, now it is the time to consider the number and location of modern plug sockets required. I hope our suggestions below are helpful to you.



How to create an outlet location map

On the floor plan, indicate the location of the electrical outlet in the kitchen. You should think about the workbench and what you might be doing on the workbench. If you are likely to use equipment such as a blender, make sure to plan in sufficient outlets.


MF+1g socket with neon

If you can, please use double-slot sockets to give yourself more choices, and install at least one socket every 2-3 meters along the wall. Make sure to include sockets for ovens, refrigerators, washing machines and other large appliances. These will require bipolar sockets, bipolar switches, and possibly a fuse connection unit with a switch. Sometimes it is necessary to hardwire the oven to the wall using a flexible socket.


The walls of some cookware require a 45A switch, but the cooker control unit can provide a 45A switch for the oven and plugs for electrical appliances without taking up too much space. If you have social spaces in your kitchen, such as tables, kitchen islands or breakfast bars, you can consider adding sockets for laptops and phones nearby. You may even want to add a USB socket for quick and easy charging.



How high should the socket be

Generally, it is best to install the waterproof switch socket about 10-15 cm above the surface of the workbench. If your kitchen/dining room has a table and you want to have a power outlet with switch for the charger and laptop to use, please place it 45cm above the ground. For large appliances such as refrigerators and dishwashers, the height depends on the size of the space and the size of the appliance.




What sockets and switches do I need in the kitchen

This actually depends on each kitchen, but the following are some important kitchens that must be switched on and off:

Light switch: You need a switch to control all the lights in the room. These may be 2-way switches.

Workbench socket: Place a 13A socket every 2-3 meters.

Equipment sockets: Behind each main equipment.

Induction cooker switch: You need a 45A switch. Consider using a cooker control unit.

Electrical switches: electrical appliances such as washing machines require bipolar switches.


What else do you want to know about contemporary light switches and sockets or double touch dimmer switch? Welcome to let us know.

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