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Why are power track sockets so popular?

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As the economy develops, people's living standards will gradually improve, and various new products will continue to be produced. In this article, let’s talk about the most popular product in the decoration-electric power track socket.


Power track socket, also known as track power socket, is a brand new power socket product used in modern buildings.


Components of Power Track Sockets


The power track socket is mainly composed of two parts.


1. Power supply unit—power track


The power supply unit adopts a bus-bar linear structure, and one or two ends of the power supply unit are provided with wiring terminals for connecting external power lines. The length of the track can be customized according to the needs of users. Generally, the rated voltage is 250V, the maximum output current is 32A, and the load power is 8000W. The installation is equipped with a mounting plate, and the installation can be completed by simple operation.



2. Connect the power supply unit—adapter


The adapter is connected to any point of the track by insertion and rotation, and the other side is a standard socket hole. The number of adapters can be selected according to the length of the power track and the needs of users. The rated voltage of the general adapter is also 250V, the maximum output current is 10A, and the load power is 2500W.


Differences between Fixed Sockets, Sockets and Power Track Sockets


What is the difference between power track sockets and traditional fixed sockets and power strips?


Traditional power products generally use fixed wall sockets or plug-in strips (multiple sockets with wires). These two products can fully meet the normal use of household appliances, and their cost is relatively low. We have been using this method to obtain electricity for decades. Traditional fixed sockets mainly include multi plug socket with switch, wall switches and sockets and 2 gang double pole socket, etc.


Fixed wall sockets have obvious disadvantages.


1. Fixed position


Many household appliances fixed on the wall are installed only a few centimeters away from the socket reserved on the wall. There is no way to add a power strip or trailing lead socket to get electricity.


2. Fixed quantity


If there are not enough sockets reserved, and you want to use the sockets with multiple appliances at the same time, the only thing you can do is to add a socket or use a single socket extension lead to get power.


3. No decorative effect


In the newly renovated house, especially the wedding room, all the decorations in the house are beautiful. When people look at new houses, they focus their attention on lamps, major appliances, sofas, dining tables, floors, etc., while sockets have nothing to do with decoration.


Sockets (multiple sockets with wires) also have obvious disadvantages.


The quality of the strips on the market is mixed, and the prices of products with the same parameters are very different. In many cases, people are not aware of the potential safety hazards of low-quality plug strips, causing frequent fires and leakage problems. The position of the socket is not fixed. Placing the power strips on the ground randomly, if it encounters water or children play, there are great safety risks.


If there is a little more electrical equipment, the surroundings of the sockets will appear chaotic.


Advantages of Power Track Sockets


Rail type sockets are generally aluminum rails. The exterior is small anodized with fine texture, and the interior is made of copper conductors and insulated by insulating materials. The adapter generally uses standard five holes and is equipped with a power indicator.


Compared with traditional socket and strips, strip socket track has obvious advantages.


1. Flexible and convenient. The length of the electruc track with socket can be customized, and the adapter can be connected to any point of the track, and the power can be obtained by inserting and rotating. If the power cord of the electrical equipment is not reachable, just change the track closer to get power. If there is more electrical equipment, just add a few more adapters (but not exceed the maximum power).


2. Safe and reliable. Due to the high cost of power rail sockets, they will not cut corners on the cost. Generally, multiple protections are designed, such as high-quality insulation materials, small gap interface design, advance grounding structure, wall mounting live wire and so on.


3. Beautiful and generous. This is the incomparable advantage of ordinary socket strips, and it is also the biggest selling point of various brand track socket products.


Compared with traditional socket strips, the biggest disadvantage of power track socket is that it is relatively expensive.

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