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Why should the socket be grounded?

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Whether the ground wire connection is effective or notit is related to our personal safety, so we must not be careless. It is necessary for us to learn how to confirm whether our home ground wire is effective. Why do brushed chrome sockets need a ground wire? What if there is no ground wire?



Why should the socket be grounded

1. The ground wire plays a protective role, and the shell of the electrical equipment is connected to the ground wire through a plug. Socket grounding wire-once there is a leakage, the shell of the electrical equipment will be live, but due to the effect of the ground wire, the electrical shell and the ground wire are guaranteed to be equipotential, that is, the voltage to the ground is equal to 0, which ensures the personal safety of the electrical user.


C32 1g and 2 pin socket

2. Anti-leakage, a three-hole socket with a grounding wire can ground the shells of washing machines, refrigerators, and electric water heaters to protect people from electric shocks in the event of electricity leakage. When the electrical equipment leaks, the current directly enters the earth through the ground wire. Prevent people from touching electrical appliances by electric shock. The ground wire is directly connected to the ground, and the resistance between it and the ground is far less than the resistance of the human body, so the ground wire is very important.


Is the power socket of your home computer connected to the ground wire? More sophisticated electrical equipment can also release static electricity to protect electrical equipment in a timely manner to conduct static electricity or leakage generated on the electrical appliances.



What to do if the socket has no ground wire

1. When the home improvement does not use the leakage circuit breaker, the black nickel sockets and chrome plug sockets must be correctly equipped with the ground wire. In recent years, the home improvement has been used.



2. The other way is for light switches and sockets, and the lighting does not need to be equipped with a leakage circuit breaker. The copper plug sockets should be equipped with a leakage circuit breaker (home improvement action current 30mA). If the leakage circuit breaker is installed and the ground wire is connected, it is good from the perspective of personal safety. But it may increase the probability of circuit breaker action, that is, this leakage current is not a protective action due to the flow of the human body.


3. If the leakage circuit breaker is sensitive, but there is no ground wire, when there is leakage current flowing through the human body, the leakage circuit breaker will operate, and there will be no personal injury. As long as there is no problem with the leakage circuit breaker, it is safe to have no ground wire, regardless of the ground wire.



Through the above introduction, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of what to do if the double switch socket does not have a ground wire. Not all universal switch socket need a ground wire, so don’t worry. When installing the wiring problem, do not operate blindly. Be sure to ask a professional Installation master.

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